Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Little Bear Bums Prefitted Diaper Review!

I received this product free for review. I have not been compensated for this review and all opinions are my own.

  Little Bear Bums sent me a prefitted cloth diaper to try out. These diapers come in three  different sizes. NB/Preemie fits from about 5-10 pounds.  Size 1 fits from about 10 pounds to 15 pounds while the size 2 fits from about 15-30 pounds. 
My son is roughly 28-29 pounds and it fit him really well. Little Bear Bums come in a variety of dyed colors as well. It’s important to know that when the diapers are dyed, each batch comes out slightly different. You may get two different shades of the same color. Not only can you get a prefitted diaper, but you can also get flat diapers as well. 

The prefitteds are hand dyed Indian Cotton and are super adjustable and easy to use. While they suggest using a Snappi, pins works as well. You could also use Boingos to secure the diaper. I am not a huge fan of Snappis or Pins because my son is pretty chunky, so it’s hard to keep them secured. However I did use a Snappi to secure the diaper then put the cover over it. I then unfastened the Snappi, readjusted the cover and the diaper stayed in place. I was also able to use my Rumparooz cover which worked out the best for me. 

The prefitted diaper has some really great absorbency. We used it during the day which was more than enough absorbency for us. Even using it out during errands, it gave us more than enough absorbency. With that in mind, I decided to give it a try during nap and nighttime. As with regular daily use, it was plenty of absorbency for us during his nap time. I was a little concerned about trying something new for nighttime because he’s such a heavy wetter and we already have a solid routine down for nighttime. However, I wanted to test the diaper to see just how absorbent it really was. I’ll admit, I was cautious and added a small bamboo insert just to be on the safe side. 

The prefitted diaper held up really well overnight and into the morning! I really think we could have done without the extra insert, to be honest. Little Bear Bums has such a nice quality diaper, I’m confident that we can add this to our nighttime routine and it will hold up really well. 

You can get a Little Bear Bums prefitted diaper from their Hyena Cart for $10 plus shipping in whichever color calls out to you the most. (Or buy one of every color!) You should also check out the selection of Micro-fleece diaper covers in the shop which come in several sizes and colors as well. Browse through the shop to find different accessories and mama cloth as well!  Don’t forget to head on over to their Facebook page and give them a like  to receive updates.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Hi, I'm Katie and I'm Addicted To Making Lists!

I've noticed that I make lists all the time. I different variations of "To Do" lists. What I need to accomplish in that day, that week, that month and so on. I make lists of things I need to take along during long outings, trips and different events. I just really enjoy making lists. It's actually quite amusing when you think about it. Actually, I'm currently making a list in my head right now since we're going to the drive in tomorrow. I'll admit, since we're friends, that I just had to take a break so I could make a list. Ha! Not only do I make lists for every single thing, I also plan really far in advance for stuff. My 3 year old has a birthday coming up. By coming up, I mean in November. Yep, 5 months away and I'm already thinking about what the theme will be (MInecraft), what different Minecraft themed snacks I can come up with and what we're going to get him. I'm also planning for several different family outings that need to happen before winter sets in- and it's not even Fall! This drives my husband bonkers! (Sorry Dear!) 

I'm such a planner. I like to have every little detail planned really far ahead. I turn into a crazy lady when I'm pressed for time and planning things at the last minute. I'm not sure if I've always been like this (we should ask my husband) or if having kids has done this to me. My husband has always, always been the kind to just jump up and go. He never likes to plan. Not even a day in advance. You can see how this can become a problem. We have to kind of meet somewhere in the middle. A nice middle ground. We plan just enough in advance that it doesn't drive him mad, but not too close to last minute that I become a raging lunitic. Ha! Spoiler alert- I still plan really far in advance, I just try not to tell him about it! 

So I've been thinking I need one of those nifty life planners. Then I can make lists and plan to my heart's desire without driving my husband to the looney bin. There are so many different brands out there though. I've seen a lot of great ones, Some are pretty costly though. Are there any you would say are worth forking over some cash for? Please, fellow planners and list makers, help me decide on one! Now, if you don't mind, I'll go back to making a list to remind myself of all the crap I need to take care of tomorrow, Until next time friends.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If My Toddler Could Write: He'd totally have a blog!

I've decided that if my toddler could write, he'd totally have a blog. At the very least, a Twitter and Instagram account. My kid is quite the comedian. I give credit to his father who has such a great sense of humor. I'd like to think I'm pretty funny, but my husband takes the cake. 
So I usually try to write all these funny things down or put them up on Facebook so I can look back and see all the hilarious things he's said over his toddlerhood. While three has been a really, really rough and trying age, it's also been the most fun. Toddlers will say the craziest off the wall things. 
Here are some of the funny things he's been saying to me lately. 

-"Hi mommy, I like your boobies. I need to eat them!"
This one was hilarious and worrisome all at the same time. He's still nursing (at 3.5 years old) so when he says he wants to eat my boobs, that makes me cringe!

When asked (by my sister) what mommy likes to drink, his reply was nothing short of hilarious.
-"Mommy likes to drink alcohol!" 
I swear, I do not drink that often! 

Yesterday we went fishing with my sister. He must have had a blast because he said the following. 
-"We'll go to bed. Then the sun comes up and we'll go fishing. Is that a problem? Is that a deal, Mommy?" 

There's the ever popular, every parent with a toddler has to deal with:
"Uptown f*ck you up!"
Repeated over and over, enthusiastically. Which he has no idea what it sounds like is coming out of his mouth. He just knows that it's a catchy tune. This my friends, is the reason I have a strong hatred for this song. 

One every mom with a boy gets to hear, and never gets old. 
"Mommy, where's your penis?"
(Or when he gets really excited to discover during bath time that his brother also has a penis. So he exclaims loudly that he's found his brothers penis.)

One day we were at Victoria's Secret when he asked loudly:
"Is that boobies, mommy?!"
(I see a growing pattern here.)

The time he told me he wasn't going to stop nursing until he went to school. 

This one literally just happened. He brought me a wrench and balloons and asked me to "fix" the balloons. While it's not the funniest thing he's ever said, it make me smile at least. 

So now that I've shared a glimps into the funny things my toddler tells me, it's now laundry time. Comment with the funny things your toddler has said to you. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

We've been so incredibly busy this weekend. Heck, we've been busy the past year really. As if you couldn't already tell by my lack of posts. (Although, you can catch me over at Change-diapers.com helping out with some reviews! I'm enjoying working with Maria and incredibly thankful for the opportunity to write reviews for her!) Trying to adjust to life with two boys hasn't been the easiest. In fact, some days I was wondering what the hell we were thinking having them "close" in age. It's all worth it though. Soon my sweet little one year old won't be so fragile and his brother can play rough as much as he wants. So we just celebrated my one year old's birthday this weekend. It was incredibly stressful for me and really emotional. I know everyone says this about their kids and more times than not someone rolls their eyes hearing it, but my sweet baby grew so quickly. My pregnancy seemed to go by rather quickly up until the end. Suddenly, it just started dragging on and I ended up going to 41 weeks and 3 days. You can imagine the constant questions on when he was going to arrive from everyone around me. So when I woke up one day and he was suddenly so much bigger, walking and starting to have this incredible personality, I just cried. He was no longer my tiny (or not so tiny) 8.11 pound squishy baby. I will definitely set some time aside to write out both boys' birth stories this week, because it's been on my list. However, the reason I started this post was because Mother's Day was yesterday! (I mean, of course you all knew that.) 
So for my mom, my sister and I bought a Mommy and Me photo session for her. My good friend (and fellow blogger) took the pictures for us. She's incredible and I love her work (both photos and blog) so much! I really need to get a frame to put a couple of the pictures in for her though. Because she's going to want to display a few around her house. We also got some photos with the boys in them so I'm pretty excited about those too. The boys certainly love their grandma! 
Then yesterday, we took Craig's mom for a joint Mother's Day lunch. So all day I saw everyone posting their cute plates of pancakes that their husbands and kids made them. This made me laugh because this is not at all how our day went. Don't get me wrong, I think it's lovely that there are husbands out there who enjoy getting up early to make pancakes. That's just not us. I'm not complaining either, trust me. I knew before marrying my husband how these kinds of events would play out. Honestly, at this point in our marriage (6 years in December) I've told him to skip the flowers. Obviously I'm not that big into romance. Not in the traditional sense that is. I was the first one to wake up, followed by our one year old, then three year old. I got them both dressed and ready for our day and then dealt with any tantrums or fighting. (Let me tell you, the fighting starts early!) Then later on my husband got up and we decided what our lunch date plans would be. 
My toddler was set on eating My Thai CafĂ©, which has the very best Green Curry we've eaten. Sadly it's closed (at least the more family friendly side of town) every Sunday. Boo! So we decided to brave O'Charley's which was extremely busy and a 45 minute wait. (We've decided we would just do Mother's Day lunch/dinner early next year!) Then we finally got to our seat, ordered and just started chatting while the boys were entertained. The wait for our food was excruciating after the boys decided there was no longer any possible way they could sit another minute. It really did take so long to get our food. And I really am proud they were entertained for the first part of the waiting. However, the long wait meant actually eating was going to be a rough event. Both boys were done. Just done. My toddler didn't want to sit anymore and no amount of Minecraft or Big Hero 6 on my husband's phone would remedy that. Our one year old decided he wanted to get out of the high chair and strut his stuff to show off how well he's doing at walking. If not, he was determined to throw every single thing in arms reach off the table. The playdoh wasn't entertaining anymore and was becoming food. So we pretty much stuffed our faces, put the rest in to go boxes and waited for the check. Which seemed to take forever as well, so my mother-in-law and I took the boys to the car while waiting for my husband to pay. 
This is just proving the point as to why we hardly ever go to sit down places to eat with two young rowdy boys. (Well, that and it's expensive.) But even on special occasions, it's worth it to get carry out and eat at home so they can play and run around and be kids. I'm not surprised by how our lunch date unfolded either. It's pretty much expected for how long we waited. I'm not sad or angry, I'm amused mostly. I'm amused because all you see is everyone posting their cute pancake pictures and here I am just trying to get my toddler to stop bothering the people behind us or to not eat playdoh. So this is my honest parenting, honest Mother's Day post. Oh and the rest of the day pretty much reflected that of lunch. This is the life with boys though. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. Because when they're teenagers, they'll still have maintained their level of crazy. Unlike if I had a girl, who would have so many emotions and drama to sort through. I'm so obviously meant to be a boys mom and I don't mind. So now that our stressful weekend is over and done with, I think we need a week of fun and play. Starting with bowling and maybe the Wonderlab. I cannot wait for the Splash Pad to open so they can run out their energy there! 
I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day. No matter if it was just another day or you were wined and dined. I feel incredibly loved and so happy. These crazy little dudes made me who I am- a mother. 

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Influenster- Reese's Spreads!

Alright, so I discovered this site called Influenster. You connect any social media accounts you have and depending on the number of people you're connected with on each account, you get a social impact score. The higher your impact score is, the more programs you qualify for. You'll get offers for different campaigns and they will send you a sample for free for you to review. Then you just post about it and do the different tasks it asks and you earn points.

So I was selected for the Reese's Spread because I have a huge sweet tooth. So this was right up my alley. Reese's actually is my favorite candy to indulge in. When I got it out of the mailbox, it was just about frozen since the temps here have been really low lately. That didn't stop me though, I opened up the box, got some pretzel sticks out and tried it out. Pretzels combined with the Reese's Spread was a great combination because of the sweet and salty taste combined. Once it softened up after being inside a while, I just decided to get a spoonful to eat. This stuff seriously tastes exactly like Reese's cups. I then tried it out with banana slices and that was pretty delicious as well. It was also great just putting it on bread as a little midnight snack! 

I had planned on using it for "cake in a cup" but admittedly, it didn't last long enough! I'm not usually a huge fan of chocolate spreads. I actually still have some nutella still sitting in my cabinet that I bought quite a few months ago thinking I'd really like it. I much prefer the Reese's Spread over that. I'll definitely be getting some more very soon!
I tested this product for free, but all opinions are my o

If you're interested in reviewing products yourself, feel free to join using my referral link here:


*I tested this product for free, but all opinions are my own.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Ideas!

I love shopping at our local store- The Green Nursery for all my favorite natural products! I've put together a list of my top 4 favorite Christmas gift ideas for the toddler, baby and expecting/new mom on your Christmas list. (There might even be one or two that a new dad would love as well! (This post will contain affiliate links!)

3 Year Old-

Here are my top 4 favorites for the toddler on your list!

Green Toys- Ferry Boat, Rocket Ship, Fire Truck or Tool Set:
My son loves these toys! We got him the Tugboat for Christmas two years ago and that thing is still used every single time he takes a bath. These are just a few of his favorites TGN carries.

He has several of these on his wishlist and is getting one of them for Christmas. He got the Fire Truck from his Grandmother for his birthday and absolutely loves it! These are great because they're made from 100%  recycled plastic milk jugs and are super durable.

Plan Toys Build-A-Robot-Besides being just plain cute, this little robot is an emotionally educational toy for your little one. Features inter-changeable heads with different faces conveying happy, angry, surprised, and sad.

Switchback Racetrack- My son loves playing with this every single time we go to TGN! Not only is it a fun toy but it helps build fine motor skills, imagination and creativity and also social skills.

Safe Sippy 2 - Straw and Sippy Cup in One- This would make a perfect gift for under the tree or even a great in the stocking. The Safe Sippy 2 is an innovative sippy and straw cup all in one. When your child gets too big for the 'sippy' mode, The Safe Sippy 2 can be instantly converted to a straw cup with the included straw and straw adapter. It's Stainless steel interior, and BPA Free plastic top and straw. 11 Ounces.

7 Month Old-

Here are my top 4 favorite gift ideas for the baby on your list!

Sophie the Giraffe Teething Ring- I absolutely love this teething ring. Giraffes are my favorite animal and this one is just adorable. My mom purchased one for my first son when he was a baby and now my (currently hard core teething) 7 month old is enjoying it! Sophie is made of all natural rubber and lightly vanilla scented.

HABA Magica Clutching Toy- This toy is great because is so brightly colored, it's sure to interest your baby. 

Make Believe Swaddle - 4 pack- These make a perfect gift for the baby on your list. They have so many great uses. Of course they're perfect for swaddling, tummy time on the floor and great for using as just a regular blanket.
They also make great stroller/car seat covers, nursing covers (if needed) or even a burp rag. My favorite is the Make Believe print because they're just the most adorable, ever!

Cloth Diapers (of course). My top two favorites are the GroVia Hybrid system and the Flip covers. They're perfect for a little one who's not really into toys yet and totally serve a great purpose.

The Green Nursery also has great gifts for the Mom on your list. Here are my top favorite gifts to give the Mom (and some could double for the Dad) on your list! Here are my top 4!

TGN has a great selection of baby carriers and you bet they would make a perfect gift for the mom (or dad) on your list. Whether they're new to babywearing or just want an upgrade to their existing carrier, TGN has some awesome carriers to pick from.
My favorite, 
Ergobaby Carrier - Night Sky. I love Ergo and this print is to die for!

LifeFactory Adult Bottle- These are great! They are BPA and phthalate-free and all materials are FDA approved. These glass bottles come with protective silicone sleeves to help with gripping to avoid breakage. They are dishwasher safe with no need to remove the silicone sleeve! If you know a new mama who's nursing, you know this will come in handy for all that water she'll need.

Mama-to-Be Tea Sampler- This is a great sample of Earth Mama's most popular tea blends. This would be perfect gift for the expecting mother on your list!

Chewbeads Jane Teething Necklace- These are not only functional for that teething baby who wants to grab everything to put in their mouth, but they are also stylish so mom can wear them to match any outfit! My personal favorite is the Emerald green!

So for all you last minute shoppers, check out The Green Nursery for some awesome gifts for those special people on your list!  Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!

I was in no way (nor do I plan to be) compensated for this post. I just really love TGN and all the awesome products they carry! ;-) Just a reminder that the links in this blog post are affiliate links.

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

DIY Baby Christmas Ornament- A Pinterest WIN!

Usually when I share things on my Facebook wall or pin it on Pinterest with the caption- "OMG, I'm definitely trying this!" I'll be honest, I rarely try it. That's usually how this stuff works right? You either pin a bunch of stuff you'll never actually make. Or maybe, just maybe you do make it but it belongs on a Pinterest fail meme! 
Well, I finally made something from Pinterest that didn't turn out completely awful. To be completely honest though, I'm not sure I could have messed this up, because it's pretty simple to make and takes very few steps. So, while scrolling through Facebook one evening while nursing my little guy, I found the cutest Christmas ornament. Someone had taken one of those hospital hats they give all newborns and their hospital bracelet from their baby and put them in a clear bulb. 
I saw this as a way to stop hoarding things in my memory box, but also creating a very adorable keepsake that also doubles as a festive decoration. (Though it doesn't necessarily have to be kept as a Christmas tree ornament. You could hang it anywhere year round if you want to.) These could also be great gifts for the grandparents if you have enough hats and bracelets. I'll give you the complete tutorial, supply list and some great optional ideas that I'm still considering myself. Enjoy!

Supply List: 

•One clear Christmas ornament bulb. You'll want to get a decent size since you're stuffing a hat and bracelet in it. I personally suggest plastic for a few reasons. 1- You'll be stuffing things into the ornament. If you get glass, you'll need to be very delicate as not to break it. 2- If you get plastic, it'll be very hard for your little one to break it. (My guy broke one of our glass ornaments tonight. Sigh.) Trust me, I'm glad I got the plastic ones with a rowdy around! I got mine at Walmart for only 96 cents!

•The blue and pink hat the hospital stuck on your sweet newborns head straight after birth (I'm not sure if they're all pink/blue striped, but from what I've seen on Pinterest and Google, they seem to be.) If you didn't get that blue and pink one, use whichever one they gave you. 

•The bracelet that says your baby's info on it.

•One of those hooks you use to hang ornaments.

Every bracelet is different so this is where the optional supply list will come in handy. Our bracelet says "Baby Boy Fender" (for both boys). So the ornaments currently do not have their names on them, but they do have the dates obviously. So we know which ornament belongs to which boy. 

Optional Supply List:

•Puffy Paint/Sharpie-
Whatever kind of writing utensil you want to use is fine. This will be for writing your child's name on the outside.
Note- You could also write it on paper of something else and put that inside the ornament as well. Whatever you prefer. 

•Blue or Pink ribbon-
I'm still trying to decide whether or not I want to add anything at all to mine. I saw some cute ones on Google that had a blue or pink ribbon on them. I think this is a cute idea. 

So first you need to take off the top part of the ornament. (My son is a pro at this even though I tell him not to touch the ornaments.)
 Now to stuff the hat inside, I just started with the bottom and stuffed it into the bulb. I saw some who folded theirs length wise to stuff it in, but whatever works for you. In order to get the hat arranged how I wanted it, I used a pencil to get to the bottom and move it around.
Then I took the bracelet cut off some of the excess part of the band and taped it so it formed a circle. I just kind of dropped it in and used the pencil to move it to the perfect placement. After that I just put the top part back on the bulb and I was done.
That was the easiest DIY I've found on Pinterest/Facebook yet. Especially since it turned out so great. I'm currently contemplating putting their names on their bulbs along with a blue ribbon on the top. I think they look wonderful just the way they are and I definitely don't want it to be too "busy" by putting too much on or in them. I saw one that had tons of stuff inside and that just seemed to be overboard for my taste. 

I'd love to see your photos if you make one! Please feel free to post on my Facebook page or use the following hashtag on Instagram or Twitter so I can see yours! #ToFDIY